Setting Heights

What is considered a high, standard, and low-set for center stones?

Above is a graphical visual of what our stone placements look like when set on standard 4-prong heads.

Whether you're dropping the hint or a knee, knowing which height to set the stone can be a bit daunting when you've no clue where to start. Click here to read about the pros of each on our blog. Setting heights may vary from company to company based on professional and aesthetic preferences.

The setting height of the center stone is determined by the placement of the stone in the "head" of a ring. It is not the height of the head itself, but rather the location of the stone that is set inside the head.


When the stone is set approximately 1.25x standard height


When the bottom point of a gem (culet) is approximately 1.7mm to 2.2mm from the metal


When the stone is set as low as possible and the bottom point of a gem (culet) is barely above the metal

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