Round Chatham Lab-Grown Alexandrite Gems

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Chatham Lab-Grown Alexandrite

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Chatham Created Alexandrites are very close to the Russian ideal that starts with a naturally mined seed of Russian alexandrite and use a lot of chromium in the solution to make sure that the color change is dramatic. Since mined alexandrites are so rare, the natural rough is almost always cut in an oval shape to preserve carat weight. At Chatham, 80% of the rough is cut away for maximum clarity and intense color-change for a full spectrum of shapes.

The alexandrites grown at Chatham are true laboratory grown alexandrite, the famous color-change chrysoberyl variety, with the exact same physical, chemical and gemological properties as the mined gems.

Alexandrite Fun Facts: 

Unique for transitioning from green in the sunlight to red by a candlelight dinner, Alexandrite and its special qualities makes it a rare find. This beautiful gem was named after Czar Alexander II after being discovered in 1830 by Russia’s Ural Mountains, because its red and green colors resembled the uniform of the Russian Imperial Guard. Alexandrites consist of a hardness measured at an 8.5 in the moh's scale and is considered a birthstone for June.

Chatham Life-Time  Warranty

All Chatham's lab-grown loose gems are covered under Chatham's Life-Time Warranty.

Chatham Lab-Grown Alexandrite Cut Shapes & Sizes

Chatham lab-grown gems are cut in many other shapes and sizes. If our selection does not have what you are looking for then please feel-free to Contact Us.

Fire & Brilliance can request Chatham to cut many other shapes and sizes for any of their lab-grown gems. These special requested cuts are ineligible for returns and/or exchanges due to their personalized nature. 


Chatham Alexandrite Round Cut - Fire & Brilliance


Chatham Alexandrite Oval Cut - Fire & Brilliance


Chatham Alexandrite Cushion Cut - Fire & Brilliance


Chatham Alexandrite Emerald Cut - Fire & Brilliance


Chatham Alexandrite Princess Cut - Fire & Brilliance


Chatham Alexandrite Pear Cut - Fire & Brilliance


Chatham Alexandrite Trillion Cut - Fire & Brilliance


Chatham Alexandrite Marquise Cut - Fire & Brilliance


Chatham Alexandrite Heart Cut - Fire & Brilliance