pggl certified moissanite

Fire & Brilliance is proud to introduce the world’s very first certified Charles & Colvard and FAB Moissanite gems. 

We decided to hand-pick only the best moissanite stones for these grading reports. The initial step in grading these gems requires meeting specific quality standards prior to being considered as “Acceptable.” The next qualifying step is to only select the top-tiered gems after they are graded by PGGL leaving only the best stones available for sale.

If you are looking for a specific Forever One or FAB shape and size that is currently not available in our certified selections then please feel free to message us. We will be sure to notify you once it is restocked.

Just as well, please message us if you are interested in setting one of our exclusive certified Forever One or FAB Moissanite stones on an F&B setting instead using the standard Forever One/FAB stones.