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fab moissanite™

With close to a decade of experience working with moissanite jewelry, Fire & Brilliance™ is proud to announce our very own collection, Fire and Brilliance Moissanite or "FAB Moissanite™.” GIA Grad + Founder and Front Man of F&B Michael has arduously explored, networked and shook hands with domestic and international business partners in an effort to root himself within the complex web of relevant moissanite manufacturers, wholesalers, trend setters, and master cutters across the globe. He has selectively filtered through this multifaceted grid and aligned F&B’s vision with our partners to introduce F&B’s 4 lines of FAB moissanite: “First Crush,” “Heirloom,” “Cupid,” and "Traditional." Size comparisons for general stone shapes on hand can be seen HERE.

first crush moissanite

First Crush Moissanite™ is introduced by Fire & Brilliance as part of the transcendence that is the FAB Collection, First Crush features a much transformed cut, adapted from the modern brilliant and perfected over time to be quite the eye-pleaser.

This line is aptly named, inspired by a stylized pattern of facets once seen only in natural gems such as diamond. The facets are cut in a particular way not only to maximize the beauty of light reflections bouncing from wall to wall, but to create the optical illusion that the gem has a myriad of smaller transparent windows from every angle, appearing as “crushed ice” with every sparkle.

Fire & Brilliance’s First Crush Moissanite™ is currently available in multiple shapes and sizes including pears, ovals, and cushions. These stones are also created as colorless and near-colorless in both symmetrical and elongated proportions to meet various tastes, styles, and preferences.

cupid moissanite

Cupid Moissanite™ from the FAB Moissanite Collection can be recognized as Fire & Brilliance’s very own “Hearts & Arrows (H&A)” cut. The line suitably shares its name and aim with God of Desire of Greek Mythology, Cupid, skilled in his hypnotizing of hearts with love-laced arrows. Ideal optical symmetry works harmoniously with each facet group including the Pavilion and Crown Angles to deliver what the beholder sees as shapes of hearts and arrows in an otherwise brilliant cut. The show-worthy light performance evident in that of F&B’s Cupid Moissanite™ Line is dependent on the dedication of method through meticulous craftsmanship. The H&A Shapes from this line are now available in round and cushion.

heirloom moissanite

Heirloom Moissanite™ is an ode to yesteryear, an exquisite line of moissanite gems with an ethereal air about it, cut to accentuate faceting techniques once created by artisan-cutters of the 1400s to 1800s. Traditional cutting practices marry the flaunt-and-flair allure of present-day artistry to create this final expression, offered exclusively by Fire & Brilliance to you and yours for generations to come.

Our Heirloom Moissanite™ Collection now carries Old European Cuts (OEC), Old Mine Cuts (OMC), and Rose Cuts. Our very own cognac asscher moissanite is also added to this collection for those that love the antique appearance of its amber-hued step cuts to pair with rose and yellow gold vintage-inspired jewelry.

*FAB Moissanite™ gemstones are cut and faceted by a curated collaboration of qualified moissanite and skilled natural diamond cutters.

traditional moissanite


Charles & Colvard Moissanite

Charles & Colvard Created Moissanite

More brilliant than diamond, moissanite is a rare, naturally occurring mineral also known as silicon carbide, which was first discovered by the Nobel Prize-winning chemist Dr. Henri Moissan at the site of a massive meteorite strike in Arizona. This intriguing new stone was named moissanite in his honor, and Moissan spent the rest of his life attempting to recreate this rare mineral in his laboratory. It wasn't until the late 90's that scientists - working in a research laboratory located in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina - developed the innovative thermal growing process that creates silicon carbide crystals.

Charles & Colvard is driven by an ethical promise: create the world’s most brilliant gem, while leading the way for environmentally and socially responsible choices in the jewelry industry at a revolutionary value.

c&c's Forever One moissanite

Charles & Colvard Forever One moissanite is a triumph of art, science and sustained effort. The structural configuration of this new moissanite material is what yields its unsurpassed, colorless (D-E-F) quality. While chemically it is still silicon carbide (SiC), and its optical and hardness properties remain the same, it is the stacking of SiC material in the manufacturing process that makes Forever One moissanite unlike any of its predecessors.

Forever One. Available in Two Grades.

Through its research and development efforts working with Forever One, Charles & Colvard has developed a second grade of Forever One, in G-H-I quality*. This near colorless gemstone emits a faint, [cooler] hue compared to its Forever Brilliant predecessor, which yields a warm hue. [It is] also cut from this same high quality material, ensuring that no matter what Forever One grade you choose, your stone will be more brilliant than any other gemstone. [The fire, brilliance, scintillation and luster are the same between each; the difference is in the color of the gems.]

*Based on the Gemological Institute of America's diamond grading scale.

Every Charles & Colvard created gem is guaranteed to remain as beautiful as the day you bought it. Whether for an engagement ring, Mother’s Day present, or a gift to yourself — it comes with a limited lifetime warranty that protects against damage to the stone and any changes in color, clarity or brilliance.


pggl certified moissanite

Fire & Brilliance is proud to introduce the world’s very first certified Charles & Colvard and FAB Moissanite gems. 

We decided to hand-pick only the best moissanite stones for these grading reports. The initial step in grading these gems requires meeting specific quality standards prior to being considered as “Acceptable.” The next qualifying step is to only select the top-tiered gems after they are graded by PGGL leaving only the best stones available for sale.

If you are looking for a specific Forever One or FAB shape and size that is currently not available in our certified selections then please feel free to message us. We will be sure to notify you once it is restocked.

Just as well, please message us if you are interested in setting one of our exclusive certified Forever One or FAB Moissanite stones on an F&B setting instead using the standard Forever One/FAB stones.


NEO Moissanite

neo moissanite - what is it?

Simply put, NEO is another brand of moissanite created using the same chemical compound, silicon carbide.

It has very similar, if not the same, physical and optical attributes as other moissanite brands which are listed below.

Refractive Index: Higher than Diamond (The higher, the more sparkle.) Hardness: Moh's Scale of 9.25 to 9.5 (Diamond is the highest at 10) Like many other moissanite brands, it is a great diamond alternative option.

NEOs are available in multiple shapes and sizes (round, cushion, oval, pear, trillion, square, heart, radiant, emerald) and falls within both the "colorless" and "near-colorless" grading scale as well.

NEO Round Diamond Cut moissanite in 2 Color Grades

The Moissanite NEO Round Diamond Cut is faceted to tone down the natural high dispersion of moissanite and maximize symmetry. This cut is to reflect a closer "look and feel" to that of natural diamond cuts. It will generally have a higher crown like that of a diamond along with other significant diamond cut proportions.

It is available as an "EF" color or "colorless" grade as well as a "GH" or "near-colorless" grade.

In short, if you wish to have a NEO that looks closer to a round diamond cut then go with this stone.


Chatham is a proud pioneer of lab-grown gemstones.

Chatham is recognized as the leader of laboratory-grown gemstones with a large selection of rubies, blue, pink, white, and yellow sapphires, emeralds, padparadscha, alexandrite, aqua blue spinel, and diamond.Chatham does not “make” gems, rather, they control the environment so that crystals can grow naturally by recreating the conditions in which gems grow in the earth. These gemstones have the same physical, chemical, and optical properties as mined gems do. The true difference is that one is mined in nature while the other is grown in a lab.One great benefit of owning a Chatham lab-grown gem is that it does not have the many "inclusions" that natural gemstones contain. Inclusions are known to create durability issues and may cause breakage and cavities. Less inclusions, more durability.

Click the stones below to go to their listings and view additional photos and/or video clips of each of their shapes!

Every rough gem is carefully oriented, cut to perfection and polished by hand. Their master gemstone cutters produce and select only the best color and clarity by sacrificing 80% of the rough crystals grown.Chatham’s award-winning jewelry collection includes exclusive gem cuts not found anywhere else such as their famous Flame Cut, Onion Cut, Baguette Cut, Barrel Cut, Elongated Pear, Oval, and Checkerboard Antique Cushion.

Fire & Brilliance only sells "eye clean" lab-grown gems from Chatham. This means that we only sell top quality stones with very little to no inclusions. For your peace of mind, Chatham gems also come with a Lifetime Warranty. Chatham-created gems have also been included in the prestigious jewelry collections of Gemological Institute of America and the Smithsonian Institution.



Moissanite has unrivaled brilliance, fire and luster qualities that define the beauty of a jewel. Whilst retaining these virtues, Moissanite International is thrilled to introduce their near colorless SUPERNOVA Moissanite, ranging from color grades F-G.

They are setting new standards in the jewelry industry with their SUPERNOVA near colorless melee (small 1mm to 2.5mm round stones). SUPERNOVA Round Brilliant stones are available in sizes from 0.005 carats to 10 carats.

Other cuts available in near colorless SUPERNOVA are Cushion, Oval, Pear, Asscher, Square, Emerald and Heart. They are all cut precisely to maximize brilliance. Whichever you choose, you will enjoy wearing Moissanite for generations.

As for the name? A "supernova" is a star that suddenly becomes thousands of times brighter and then returns to its original intensity. In Latin, "nova" also means "new". Moissanite International chose SUPERNOVA as an appropriate representation of the Moissanite jewel, which is bright and new.


Moissanite will never change appearance. It will always remain shiny and lustrous just like the day it was purchased. 

DURABILITY | The durability of a jewel is determined by its ability to withstand temperature and chemical exposure. With a higher heat tolerance than diamonds, damage caused during jewelry manufacturing with SUPERNOVA and NOVA Moissanite is very unlikely.

HARDNESS | Moissanite's hardness is 9 ¼ on the Mohs scale. Its unusually high hardness makes scratching and abrasions very rare, even after many years of daily wear and tear.

All SUPERNOVA and NOVA Moissanite jewels are accompanied by an Authenticity Card which verifies that your SUPERNOVA and NOVA Moissanite is an authentic Moissanite International jewel.