These "July 4th Extended Holiday Sale" promo codes run from 1pm PST on 6/29/23 to 12:00PM PST on 7/10/23

*Codes will not work once expired. No Exceptions*

25% Off

*Exclude Loose Stones*


10% Off


*Exclude Loose Lab-Grown Diamonds*


Promo Instructions on Coupon Code: 

Type the discount code into the "Giftcard or Discount Code" box at checkout and save immediately! 

Promo Rules, Terms and Conditions on Coupon Code: 

1. New orders only.

2. Discounts cannot be stacked or transferred.

3. The promo codes can only be used once per person.

4. The promo codes above start at 1PM PST on June 29th, 2023 and end at 12PM PST on July 10th, 2023

5. Coupon code only applies to items available on It does not apply to personalized jewelry requested to be custom-made “a la carte” by one of our designers.

6. *Promo codes exclude "Expedited Processing/Production Time" & extended domestic and international "F&B Warranty" add-ons.

7. No exceptions to these rules.


Can a good deal be too good to be true? Nonsense! 

For purchases 

$1,750.00 and up

*Total purchase value of $1,750.00 USD or more is gifted with a free 6.5mm FAB Moissanite Sterling Silver Earrings


Can a good deal be too good to be true? Nonsense! 

For purchases $1,750.00 and up

*Total purchase value of $1,750.00 USD or more is gifted with free 

6.5mm FAB Moissanite Sterling Silver Earrings.

This limited time opportunity begins at 1PM PST on 6/29/2023 and ends at 12PM PST on 7/10/2023

Promo Rules, Terms, and Conditions 

*Disclaimers: Gifts will not show in the cart. Rest assured that all qualified purchased value gifts will be packaged and shipped with the respective orders accordingly. 

o Sterling Silver Earrings giveaway promo is eligible on new orders only. 

o Sterling Silver Earrings giveaway applies to the total net purchase price of jewelry after any applicable discounts, promos and credits only. It does not include the summation of any funds for expedited production, extended warranty options, other add-ons, shipping & handling and taxes.

o Sterling Silver Earrings  giveaway only applies to immediate purchases. Items placed on layaway do not count during this promotion.

o Estimated gift value includes prices of precious metals, and cost of jeweler’s labor.

o FAB Warranty does not cover gifted and other giveaway promotional items.

o Sterling Silver Earrings giveaway promo does not qualify for F&B appraisals. 

o If purchases are to be returned then the gifted promotional Sterling Silver Earrings must be returned as well. No exceptions to this rule or estimated gift value will be deducted from the total purchase price prior to issuing a partial refund on the original order. Other rules may apply based on our return policy. 

o Sterling Silver Earrings giveaway promo expires at 12PM PST on July 10th, 2022.