Fire & Brilliance®

Limited Lifetime Warranty - Colored Gemstone

As a leader in the industry, Fire & Brilliance® is proud to provide our customers with an elite FAB Colored Gemstones collection that is created using only the highest levels of quality and craftsmanship that is backed and warranted with an exclusive Fire & Brilliance® Limited Lifetime Warranty.

What is the warranty for?

The FAB warranty will cover all chipped and broken FAB stones by replacing the damaged stone with the equivalent FAB (shape, cut, color, size) for a small fee of only $50.00 USD per carat on standard sizes and $100.00 USD per carat on custom cuts plus shipping and handling. This excludes the replacement of any certificates that came with the original stone. Effective January 1, 2022.

What does it not cover?

It does not cover damages that is as a result of abuse, misuse, loss, or theft of your gemstone(s).

What about third-party alterations or treatments?

No third-party alterations or treatments are endorsed or approved. Such processes may be temporary and could lessen the durability and value of the gemstone(s). Accordingly, any third-party alterations or treatments void the Fire & Brilliance® Limited Lifetime Warranty.

When does it become effective?

The Limited Lifetime Warranty is effective as of the date of purchase. Receiving any remedy provided herein requires you to register your purchase online HERE within 30 days of delivery.

Who does this apply to?

This Limited Lifetime Warranty applies to all purchasers of the gemstone(s) up to and including the original end-consumer purchaser, and is non-transferable from the original end-consumer purchaser to another person.

What does this apply to?

This Limited Lifetime Warranty applies to the sale of gems that are 1.0 carat diamond equivalent weight (DEW) or larger and sold directly to the end-consumer purchaser.