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Troy Weight

Used in weighing the precious metals.

24 Grams=1 Pennyweight (DWT)
20 DWT=1 Ounce Troy
12 Ounces=1 Pound Troy
5,760 Grams=1 Pound Troy
480 Grams=1 Once Troy
1 Kilogram=2.68 Pounds
1 Kilogram=32.15 Ounce Troy
1 Kilogram=2.2046 lbs. Avoir
1 Kilogram=35.274 Ounce Avoir
1 Kilogram=15,432 Grains

Carat Weight

Used in weighing the precious and semi-precious stones.

1 Carat=31/16 Grains Troy
1 Carat=0.007 Oz. Avoir
1 Carat=1/5 Gram
1 Carat=100 Points
1/2 Carat=50 Points
1/4 Carat=25 Points
1/8 Carat=12 1/2 Points

Avoirdupois Weight

Used in weighing base metals.

16 Drams (or Drachms)=1 Oz. Avoir
16 Ounces=1 Pound Avoir
16 Ounces=7000 Grams
28 Pounds=1 Quarter English
4 Quarters=1 Hundredweight (CWT.)
20 Hundredweight=1 Ton Avoir
1 Pound Avoir=14.5833 Troy Oz.
1 Ounce Avoir=0.914 Troy Oz.
1 Pound Avoir=7000 Grains
1 Ounce Avoir=437.5 Grains
1 Pound Avoir=0.4359 Kilo.

Gram Weight

1 Gram=15.43 Grains Troy
1.55 Grams=1 Pennyweight (DWT)
31.104 Grams=1 Ounce Troy
28.35 Grams=1 Ounce Avoir
1 Grain=0.0648 Grams
1 Grain=64.8 Milligrams
1 Milligrain=0.015432 Grams
1 Gram=0.035274 Avoir Oz.
1 Gram=0.032151 Troy Oz.
To Convert> ToMultiply by
dwt'sOunces (Troy)0.05
KilogramsOunces (Troy)32.1507
Ounces (Av)Ounces (Troy)0.91146
Ounces (Av)Grams28.3495
Ounces (Troy)Grams31.1035
Ounces (Troy)Ounces (Av)1.0971
Pounds (Av)Grams453.592
Pounds (Av)dwt's291.666
Pounds (Av)Ounces14.583

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