Prong types

There are many elements to consider when purchasing engagement, anniversary, and/or promise rings. The numerous options of precious metal types and purity (eg. 14K white gold versus .950 platinum), finger sizes, stone sizes and types, band widths to decide between, not to mention setting heights, typically make it on the same list of things to check off.

As GIA certified jewelry designers, Fire & Brilliance takes pride in not only considering all of the factors above when making fine jewelry, but we also focus on "prong types" as well. We believe that beautiful jewelry is the result of the overall summation of tiny details considered during the creation process. Specific prong types should receive attention when making jewelry to cater to each individual's personal tastes and preferences. 

Below are 3 prong types that F&B has narrowed down while considering a combination of factors. All styles must pass our 3 considerations below before making it on our list of prong options.

*Support: How well do these prongs support the center stone?

Our prong options below pass the "support" aspect when deciding on prong types. All 3 options below can fully support and harness the center stone under normal environmental circumstances. This means that the stone should be able to be set comfortably and securely with the prongs. 

*Durability: How durable are these prongs to "normal" wear and tear?

Our prong options below pass the "durability" aspect when deciding on prong types as well. All 3 options below are very durable under normal environmental circumstances. This means that the prongs can endure longevity with "normal" wear and tear. 

Aesthetics: Does it look nice when paired with jewelry?

We agree with the thought that beauty is, as said, "in the eye of the beholder," or subjective, so it is difficult to determine what is considered beautiful for each person. However, based on our experience, the 3 styles below are the most aesthetically appealing to our previous and current valued customers. 

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*Support and durability is based on "normal wear and tear." Fire & Brilliance® defines “normal wear and tear” as: dirty, scraped, scratched, nicked, scuffed, dinged, grazed, and loose. It does not apply to damage caused by accident, abuse and misuse. Fire & Brilliance's "normal wear and tear” definition does not include merchandise that can be described as majorly damaged, dented, chipped, broken, burnt, melted, altered, detached, smashed, disconnected, shattered, cracked, and other similar conditions alike.

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