chatham lifetime warranty

All Chatham Created Gemstones are held to the highest standards before leaving the lab. However, should a stone ever chip or break under ordinary circumstances, or in the case of opal, crack or craze, Chatham will gladly repair or replace the item at Chatham's option. Normal wear and tear is excluded.

Please contact us should you wish to send the damaged stone for repair or replacement. If a replacement is necessary, the stone will be replaced with one of similar size and quality.

Chatham Lab-Grown Diamonds are excluded from the Lifetime Warranty.


1. Fire & Brilliance is an authorized online retailer of Chatham lab-grown gemstones and will be happy to assist our customers with the warranty process. However, we are not authorized to determine whether a damaged stone can be repaired or replaced. The determination of a repaired or replacement stone is ultimately decided by Chatham, the manufacturer of these lab-grown gems.

2. Fire & Brilliance will only assist our customers with this process if the stone was originally purchased at F&B. We do not offer this service for Chatham lab-grown gem purchases from outside of our company.