We are Fire & Brilliance.

As 2nd generation jewelers with a deep-rooted history in making the imaginable real, our growing team of artists shares the same passion and excitement for everything sparkly under the sun as Founder and Front Man of Fire & Brilliance, Michael Nguyen. 

However, it wasn’t until after graduating with a college degree in Finance and an MBA in Management that he realized his fondness for jewelry emerged almost as a native tongue.

the story behind the story

“After the many years of working towards other career paths, I realized that my efforts could have, instead, gone towards a profession I knew I’d also enjoy. My father is a self-taught jeweler. In his youth, he would always walk past this jewelry store, stop in great admiration, and say ‘Someday, I’m going to be a jeweler.’ And then one day he was. It seems as though he was always drawn to the limelight and perhaps he feels a sense of belonging to the same in the fire and brilliance of gems and jewelry.”

Michael Nguyen
Founder of Fire & Brilliance

In 2013, Michael received the Students’ Choice Award for “GIA’s Best in Class Jewelry Design.” Through vigorous training in visual practice-based research, studying the history of gems and mastering the ability to grade them by GIA’s standards, he graduated the same year. His company, Fire & Brilliance, founded in April of 2010, now specializes in custom fine jewelry as a result. 

We are proud to say that our business is based upon values that favor customer satisfaction over profits, quality jewelry over quantity sold, and above all else, integrity over shortcuts. We enjoy catering to your needs and being witness to the awe-inspiring stories that may unfold in the process of helping you get there. And as this journey has been a learning process for us all, we hold in high regard the education that comes along with admiring the perceivable glitz and glam of gems and jewelry. 

Unique by Design.

Inspired by life.

Motivated by Beauty.

“GIA has taught me that there are unique qualities to all kinds of gems and not to limit your appreciation for them because they’ll surprise you.”

In researching such unique qualities, we find joy in being able to provide our consumers the most insight as your jewelry consultant, offering fact before opinion. Our many selections of gems are sourced from reputable manufacturing companies that abide by policies to ensure an optimal experience, which we uphold as a standard. Be it with natural, lab-created gems, or a beautiful blend of both, we aspire to achieve only excellence in our efforts to make your design, uniquely yours, to last forevermore.

Unique by design, inspired by life, and motivated by beauty, we are Fire & Brilliance. 

We hope you enjoy your shopping experience with us! Happy shopping.

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