Emerald Chatham Lab-Grown Emerald Gems

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Chatham Lab-Grown Emerald

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Chatham grows emerald crystals through a proprietary lengthy that was invented 75 years ago. Chatham starts with a naturally mined seed of fine Colombian emerald with magnificent color in a controlled environment rich in chromium creating crystals with a rich green hue. This process takes approximately a full year from beginning to end.

The crystals grow larger and cleaner than the emeralds grown in nature. Chatham master gem cutters cuts away 80% of the rough to create faceted emeralds that are essentially flawless in clarity and highly saturated in color. The price difference between the finest lab-grown and mined emerald of the same size and quality can be as much as $100,000 per carat! 

Chatham lab-grown emeralds are available in a wide variety of shapes that are almost impossible to find in mined emeralds. 

Emerald Fun Facts: 

Emeralds were Cleopatra’s favorite gem in all of ancient Egypt and considered to be powerful love and fertility charms in ancient Rome. It is the ultimate green gem and official birthstone of May. Today you can see it worn by celebrities; such as, Elizabeth Taylor, Jacqueline Kennedy, Halle Berry, Angelina Jolie and Sofia Vergara. As green as the Garden of Eden, surely emeralds are for women who sparkle in the spotlight.

Chatham's Life-Time  Warranty

All Chatham's lab-grown loose gems are covered under Chatham's Life-Time Warranty.

Chatham Lab-Grown Alexandrite Cut Shapes & Sizes

Chatham lab-grown gems are cut in many other shapes and sizes. If our selection does not have what you are looking for then please feel-free to Contact Us.

Fire & Brilliance can request Chatham to cut many other shapes and sizes for any of their lab-grown gems. These special requested cuts are ineligible for returns and/or exchanges due to their personalized nature. 


Chatham Emerald Round Cut - Fire & Brilliance


Chatham Emerald Oval Cut - Fire & Brilliance


Chatham Emerald Cushion Cut - Fire & Brilliance


Chatham Emerald Emerald Cut - Fire & Brilliance


Chatham Emerald Princess Cut - Fire & Brilliance


Chatham Emerald Pear Cut - Fire & Brilliance


Chatham Emerald Trillion Cut - Fire & Brilliance


Chatham Emerald Marquise Cut - Fire & Brilliance


Chatham Emerald Heart Cut - Fire & Brilliance