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Fire & Brilliance® Jewelry Care Advice

To set our clients at ease, all jewelry items are carefully inspected and approved by our certified jewelers prior to shipment per our “Excellence Policy.” We mandate this policy to ensure that our merchandise meets specific industry standards in an effort to elevate our valued customers’ satisfaction.

We realize that most jewelry eventually encounter “normal wear and tear (1)" similar to most merchandise that is worn and used over time. Therefore, ongoing jewelry care is important in maintaining the item’s sparkle, fire, brilliance, solidity, and attractiveness. Similar to clothing and other frequently worn accessories, almost all jewelry will need some sort of professional servicing every now and again to retain its beauty and shine.

To help maintain the quality of our valued customers' jewelry, we are glad to offer our “Shop with Confidence - F&B Warranty.” This warranty coverage is available to all qualified Fire & Brilliance® finished jewelry orders excluding loose stones.

Shop with Confidence - F&B Warranty

The warranty is designed to provide professional jewelry services and solutions that may be needed at a future date and time. These services include:
  • The replacement of accent (2) loose diamonds and other precious/semi-precious gems
  • Re-setting of stone(s)
  • Re-sizing of ring(s)
  • Jewelry cleaning, dipping, and polishing


In order to qualify, the following 2 criteria must be met:
  1. The jewelry must be originally purchased from Fire & Brilliance®. There are no exceptions to this rule as we do not provide warranty coverage for jewelry items purchased outside of our company.
  1. Only finished jewelry designs are eligible for coverage under the warranty program which include accent (2) loose diamonds and other precious / semi-precious gems on jewelry. Stand-alone or loose gem purchases do not qualify. Please note that each Moissanite gem created by Charles & Colvard® will come with its own manufacturer warranty that can be registered here.

What does it cover?

  • Replacement of any loss of accent (2) diamonds and other precious / semi-precious gems
  • Re-setting and tightening of any loose stone (including the center stone) onto its original setting
  • Sizing of Ring(s)
  • Jewelry Cleaning, Dipping, and Polishing
  • Quality Control Inspection

    Each of the fore-mentioned services will only be provided for qualified Fire & Brilliance® jewelry enrolled in the “Shop with Confidence - F&B Warranty.” In order for these services to be rendered, each piece of jewelry will be inspected and must be approved by our internal professional jewelers to ensure that the warranty is only covering jewelry items resulting from “normal wear and tear (1).”


  • (3) As a customer courtesy, Fire & Brilliance® is proud to announce that the company will automatically enroll all new qualified orders placed on and after February 1, 2016 to a (1) year warranty coverage free of charge. 
  • Extended warranty coverage for qualified jewelry is available in “3-Year” and “Lifetime” terms, but must be purchased within the specific enrollment time-frames. Please note that the window of eligibility for the extended warranty coverage is limited to the terms detailed below.
  • While qualified jewelry merchandise is automatically covered under the one (1) year complimentary warranty, the extended warranty program is not available after the eligibility period has ended.
  • Please contact Fire & Brilliance® right away if you wish to enroll and do not know how.

Time Frames for Enrollment

Pre-made and Non-Custom Jewelry:
  • Exactly two [2] business days to enroll from the date of purchase

Custom-Made and Made-to-Order Jewelry:
  • Exactly fourteen [14] days from the date of purchase

Warranty Coverage Policy Terms and Pricing

Term Domestic Price (USA)  International Price (Outside USA) (5)
3-Year $89.00 $189.00
Lifetime $99.00 $199.00

Prices for Professional Jewelry Services Under Warranty

Service Price Industry Average*
Replacement of Loss Accent(2)
Stones on Jewelry

(Per Stone)
$20.00 $75.00 to $150.00
Re-setting of Stones

(Per Stone)
$20.00 $75.00 to $125.00
Replacement and Setting of Loss
Accent(2) Stones on Jewelry

(Per Stone)
$30.00 $100.00 to $200.00
Sizing of Rings $25.00 per size down
$40.00 per size up
$50.00 to $125.00
per size down
$80.00 to $150.00
per size up
Jewelry Cleaning,
Dipping, and Polishing
(Per Item)
$20.00 $50.00 to $100.00


The turnaround time for warranty services is 5 business days starting the day after item is received, inspected, and approved. Subject to change dependent on condition of items received.
All items serviced under warranty is considered satisfactory if the warrantee does not contact F&B within 48 business hours after acceptance of delivery.
* Industry Average: Based on F&B's current observations of jewelry industry service charges.

(1) Fire & Brilliance® defines “normal wear and tear” as: dirty, scraped, scratched, nicked, scuffed, dinged, grazed, and loose. It does not apply to damage caused by accident, abuse and misuse. Fire & Brilliance's "normal wear and tear” definition does not include merchandise that can be described as majorly damaged, dented, chipped, bent, broken, burnt, melted, altered, detached, smashed, disconnected, shattered, cracked, and other similar conditions alike. Jewelry serviced by a 3rd party (or not Fire & Brilliance®) immediately voids the warranty.

(2) Fire & Brilliance® defines “accent” diamonds and other precious / semi-precious gems as any stone that is equal to 0.02 carats or less mounted on the piece of jewelry. The center stone and other gems larger than 0.02 carats are not considered an accent gem.

(3) One [1] year "Shop with Confidence - F&B Warranty" that is free of charge is effective for all new qualified orders placed on and after February 1st, 2016.

(4) Members with items under warranty must contact F&B to receive a "Service Order Number" (SO#) prior to shipping in jewelry for maintenance. Domestic (USA) members are responsible for all shipments when sending in jewelry for warranty maintenance, and $20.00 shipping and handling for F&B to ship it back when the service is complete. International members (outside of the USA) is responsible for shipping to and from and must contact F&B for prepaid FedEx shipping labels at $60.00 USD each way ($120.00 USD total) when approved for warranty maintenance. This $60.00 FedEx international shipping rate per route is generally much less than the market price as our members benefit from F&B's discounted corporate international transit prices. Using F&B's FedEx shipping labels will also benefit our international customers with avoiding potential customs delays.

(5) Although we do what we can to keep prices relatively the same world-wide, international warranty (outside of USA) is priced slightly higher than domestic warranty (USA) due to the higher costs of time and labor for internationally claims. Effective August 23, 2017.
Feel free to message us if you have any questions. We are happy to assist.
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