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Amora Gem

Amora lab grown gem compared to Diamond:
  • 10% More Brilliant than Diamond
  • 200%+ Greater Fire than Diamond
  • Greater physical stability than Diamond
  • D-F Color - Better color than most diamonds
  • Greater Purity than Diamond
  • Atomically, Ethically, Environmentally Scores significantly better in the 5th C
  • Cost, oftentimes 40:1 better pricing for comparable color, carat weight and clarity
Amora lab gem compared to other gems:
  • 26.7% Harder than Sapphire
  • More brilliant than CZ
  • Harder than CZ
Incredible Robotic Cutting
Within a given crystal type, cutting controls 98% of the brilliance. Thus, BetterThanDiamond has devoted significant resources to modeling, cutting, designing and testing the Amora Gem cuts in order to achieve an optimal and maximal balance between the two competing goals of maximum fire and maximum brilliance for its unique optical properties. The Amora Asscher design is the final winner of a number of evaluated parameters and proportions and strikes the ultimate balance for both fire and brilliance.

Additionally, all Amora Gems are cut *exclusively* by robot, an industry first. Robotic cutting enables super-human precision and incredible craftsmanship compared to hand cutting, as the robot only cuts to optimal proportions and exacting symmetry. This ensures that *every* Eternity H&A Amora has unparalleled beauty.

Cut solely in the USA, BetterThanDiamond creates Amora Gems with technological innovation by the name of "The TIGER Robot System." With <10 micron precision, it is the world's most advanced gem cutting machine and delivers mastery in the art of gem symmetry. The state-of-the-art robotic ability to focus on the necessary detail in creating all 64 synchronized facets and vertical faceted girdle showcases the remarkable, stunning, and perfectly cut gem, Eternity H&A Amora!

How does it compare to diamond?

Gem properties Diamond Amora Gem
Atomic composition 99.99% carbon 50% carbon, 50% silicon
Brilliance (flashes of white light) 2.417 2.66 - 2.71
Fire (flashes of colored light) .044 .104+
Hardness (resistance to scratching) 10 9.5
Toughness (resistance to chipping, breakage) Good-Excellent Excellent
H&A cut (H&A is the ultimate in round cutting) Rarely Always
Conflict-free (conflict diamonds are diamonds sold by
armed groups to fund weapons purchases)
Typically Always
Graded under GIA diamond standards Typically Always
Environmentally friendly Varies Always
Rarity Common One million times
rarer than diamond
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